Alleged Entertainment

Upcoming Games

Written by Susan Weiner
So, Alleged Entertainment has an awful lot of games coming up (including some awful ones).
3/19-21 WPI Gaming Weekend.
Foam Brain is running 10 Bad LARPs: C-Section
3/26-28 PAX East
At PAX, we will be running both of our horde LARPs. If you plan to be there, and haven’t yet played (or heck, have played and really want to play again), sign up!
Friday at 7pm – Time Travel Review Board – Sign up here
Saturday at 5pm – City Council of Hound’s Teeth Sign up here
4/16-18 V for Vestival (Festival of the LARPs 2010) at Brandeis University
The schedule is not completely finalized, but we will be running:
Welcome to Scearbridge
and 10 Bad LARPs: C-Section
Also running: City Council of Hound’s Teeth
6/11-13 Wyrd Con in Costa Mesa, California
Friday at 11pm Welcome to Scearbridge
Saturday at 1am 10 Bad LARPs: Remix
6/18-20 The Labor Wars in Belmont, MA
This will be Alleged Entertainment’s first weekend long game. If you are interested, we encourage you to sign up using the form available on the website. This is a small game. In the likely event that we have more sign-ups than we have slots, we will have a lottery to fill the available slots. The deadline for signing up for the lottery is 4/11/10. We will notify players shortly after that date.

A Little Slice of History

Written by Joshua "Steve" Rachlin
I’m here to tell a story. Some time ago, a group of people who for the purposes of this entry shall remain anonymous wrote a highly successful LARP which shall not be mentioned here. That is not the story I tell today. Today, I tell the story of the LARP they almost wrote. The LARP that should never have been considered. The LARP that should never be spoken of, for fear of angering the elder gods ofLARP.
I take great personal risk in writing even this much, so I apologize for the lack of detail in what follows. But I have recently come into possession of an artifact that should not exist, from where I cannot say. In fact, many will claim that it cannot exist. All records of the LARP in question were burned in purifying fire; we know that. All of the authors are under a magically enforced geas to never speak or write of it again. And yet, somehow, this exists: