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Blog moved!

As you might have noticed from the black bar across the top of the screen, I've moved this blog from being hosted on proper to being hosted by Blogger.  This means a few things, none of them particularly major:
  1. The address is no longer, it's now  I'm putting up a message at to direct people to the right place.
  2. Comments should work again.  Please God.
  3. Now that it's no longer a huge pain in the ass to make new posts, we'll hopefully be doing it more often.
  4. RSS subscribers will have to change their feed URL.  I'm going to be putting up a message on the feed that will let them know that.
  5. The LiveJournal feed is probably broken now.  I can't remember who set it up to begin with, but I'm emailing a couple of likely candidates to try and get it pointed at the new URL.
So, why the move?  Details after the jump.