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Next Labor Wars run

Now that we've had some time to recover and think about the last run, we're ready to start planning another run of Labor Wars. This means we are looking for a house to host it in. We are planning for some weekend in November. The exact weekend can be worked out with our hosts. If you think you might be interested in hosting, leave a comment on this post or email me at

Benefits of hosting:
  • You get guaranteed slots in the run.
  • We cook a feast in your kitchen. With warning, you are welcome to eat even if not playing.
  • We will coordinate run dates with you, so we can guarantee a weekend you will be able to play.
  • A place we can host dinner for 17 people. We can probably arrange for extra folding tables, chairs, etc, but we do need a room big enough to set them up.
  • A room in which 17 people can sit relatively comfortably, while not at tables. Preferably this is not the same space as the dinner location.
  • At least two (and preferably 3 or 4) other rooms that can be used for separate conferences. These can include walk-in closets, basement space, enclosed porches, etc. Anywhere that is big enough for 2-5 people to have a private discussion. At least two of these should fit 5 people in relative comfort. Bedrooms are fine if you are willing to have people LARPing in your bedroom.
  • A kitchen in which two people can work in relative comfort, with a fair amount of fridge space (if you can, for example clear us 1/3-1/2 of a normal full sized fridge, this would be fine, as would be providing a dorm fridge). It does not need to be well-stocked: we can bring cookware and spices, we'll just coordinate with you about what we need to bring.
  • We have a strong preference for locations near one of the LARPer concentrations: Somerville, Waltham, and Worcester regions are all open for consideration. If someone in the RPI crowd wants to convince us to run there, we're also willing to talk about that. Anywhere on the T or a good and consistent bus line is also probably fine.
Intereste in hosting?  Leave a comment on this post, or email me at